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Updated Lilly for Legacy at Flourish!

Our fabulous cinched waist corset – Lilly – has now been updated for the Legacy body.  It also has autohide – so no fiddling with the alpha HUD – just wear and enjoy!  Plus… the Antique version in six colours is on special offer at the Flourish event (10th September – 4th October) for only 90L!

MOEKO Lily Ad 1024 updatePG


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We have MOVED!

As is wont to happen at times in SL, sim owners sell up or leave.  This happened this week at the location where I share retail space with Stargazer Creations.  Therefore, we have had to move!  It’s actually quite exciting, because we have plans for our new stores and hopefully we will be able to share those with you all soon.

Next week the new landmark will take you directly to our new store.  Until then you will need to teleport from the new Stargazer store – the teleporter is located next to the landing spot and the SG redelivery terminal here:


This will take you to our new store!

new store



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Original Mesh for Legacy & Signature

If you’ve been following MOEKO’s recent releases you may have noticed that the vast majority of them are now original mesh.  Well we have another exciting announcement!  All female original mesh clothing going forward will be exclusively available for the Legacy body as well as Maitreya.  If you haven’t got the new exciting body from the makers of TMP yet, I urge you to try it!  It really is a fabulously beautiful body with smooth curves that make it perfect for both slim or curvy shapes.

You can pop along to The Shops to take a peak and demo it – or if you want to read up more about it before you take the plunge I found this very informative blog post about it: LEGACY MESH BODY | THE SHOPS!

Also – the men’s clothing will now be original mesh for Signature Gianni.  So far we have released the men’s corset Ryu in July and the latest release is at The Men Jail – 8th-28th September.

MOEKO Strands Ad1024

Below are the new releases so far this month for Legacy and Maitreya.  To see the full un-edited version of the body image visit my Flickr page here:

Available at eBento September – for Maitreya and for Legacy Bodies. 11th- 30th September.

MOEKO Jynie Silk Dress Ad1024

Available at On9 – 9th – 30th September
Exclusively for Legacy Body and Maitreya

MOEKO Kilai Glitter Party Dress Ad 1024

Keep your eyes peeled for notices of other new releases in September!

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what you crave

Fitzhugh Nicely

Pose:  Shadow’s Poses “Seul” static female bento pose available @ Shadow’s Poses on MP

Outfit:  Moeko“Lilly Antique Corset” in many colors (latex version, too) for Maitreya bodies available @ XXX Original Event

Pasties:  Drunken Brokkr “Lysta Nipple Tassels” in 4 colors with unrigged and rigged versions for Belleza and Maitreya bodies available @ Drunken Brokkr store

Choker:  Slavia “Xeno” Open Collar scripted and RLV enabled with texture change HUD available @ Slavia on MP

Hair:  Doe“Regina”
Rings:  RealEvil Industries“Neera Rings”
Nails:  Merlific“Tera Nails”

Setting:  Inspired Designs “Devante Skybox” and “Industrial Dream Lights” both available @ Inspired Designs store

Bed:  Bee Designs“Tessa Bed” with tons of amazing cuddles and adult animations and sequences available @ oXXXcuro Event

Plants:  Artisan Fantasy from the “Potted Houseplants” collection

Panties on Bed:  Salacity “Worn, Stained Panties” available @ Salacity…

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Flawless August

Or so I hope!  I’m leaving it up to you to decide!  One thing is for certain, there are a lot of cute new releases from MOEKO including our first men’s design released at The Men Jail.  So strap yourselves in, your heading for a rollercoaster of a ride through the events for August!

Gacha Garden

Opens 1st August

MOEKO Unicorn Daisy Ad1024

MOEKO Unicorn Daisy Gacha Key

MOEKO Seed of Inspiration Unicorn Daisy Unicorn Shoes

The Makeover Room

Whole of August

MOEKO Kawaii BandAid Appliers Ad

MOEKO Sakura Tears Ad


3rd-24th August

MOEKO Mitsuoko Summer Dress Ad1024

The Liaison Collaborative

3rd – 26th August

MOEKO Aina Midsummer Headdress Ad

Dazzle Event

1st – 25th August

MOEKO Les Sylphides Ad1024

The Darkness Event

5th – 28th August

MOEKO Sumika Dark Kawaii Dress Ad 1024

Frisky Friday’s Summer Fun

5th – 25th August

MOEKO Cutiecorn Ad1024

Loading Event

9th – 29th August

MOEKO 8 Bit Alien Ad

MOEKO 8 Bit Heart Ad

MOEKO 8 Bit Ghost Ad

Enchantment Event

10th August – 1st September

MOEKO Guinevere Headdress Ad

MOEKO Morgan Le Fay Headdress Ad

On9 Event

From 9th August

MOEKO Tenshi Halo Ad 1024

The Men Jail

8th-28th August

MOEKO Ryu Corset Ad1024

XXX Event

13th August – 3rd September

MOEKO Lily Ad 1024PG




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Jumping in Excitement for July! (Update #4)

Oh wow guys, I have so much stuff out this month, including a huge amount of gifts!  Feast your eyes on these goodies and get yourself along to these fabulous events.

CURVES EVENT3rd – 24th July

MOEKO Mina Ad - Curves July1024

Curves – Gift:

MOEO Starstruck Terra Ad

DAZZLE EVENT – 1st – 25th July

MOEKO Yuna Ad1024

Gift at Dazzle Event:

MOEKO Starstruck Stella Lip Appliers

UNDERDOG – 1st July – 1st August

MOEKO Meiko Ad1024

Half-Time Gift at Underdog Event:

MOEKO Pretty Pastel Nail Ad

INFINITY – 1st – 15th July

MOEKO Royale Ad 1024

DARKNESS – 5th – 28th July

MOEKO Suzue Ad 1024

Gift at Darkness Event:

MOEKO Gloss Goth Appliers Ad1024


Kawaii blush n freckle ad1024

MOEKO Velvet Lip Stain1024

7EVENT – 5th – 20th July

MOEKO Sakura Ad

Gift at 7Event:

MOEKO Papillon Nails Ad

THE POINT – 10th – 25th July

MOEKO Yasue Ad1024

MOEKO French Chrome Nail Ad1024

LOADING – 9th-29th July

MOEKO Goth Geme Horns Ad 1024

MOEKO Kawaii Geme Horns Ad 1024

Gift at Loading Event:

MOEKO 8 Bit Heart Nails Ad1024

XXX Event – 13th July – 3rd August

MOEKO Miyu Body Suit Ad 1024 PG

Gift at XXX Event:

MOEKO Kawaii Handcuff Necklace Ad1024

Garden of Shadows – Siren – Dark Side of the Ocean – 15th-30th July

MOEKO Mameido Dress Ad

Gift at Garden of Shadows:

MOEKO Polka Pastel Nail Ad

AFTERGLOW – 16th July – 6th August

MOEKO Omi Ad 1024

Gift at Afterglow:

MOEKO Rosey Collar Ad1024