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There’s a new event on the grid, 77th Street, where items are sold for only 77L and MOEKO has a few goods for you there.

The Trish Bodysuit for Legacy and Maitreya with 3 options to choose from, Esma outfit for Legacy only with 3 options, Lana dress for Legacy and Maitreya with 3 options, and L’ete for Legacy Classic/Perky in 3 options. There are also accessories to enjoy! Such as the Kumiho masks in 3 options, horns in 3 options and even a flower headband in 3 options. Only a week long, February 14-21, don’t miss your chance, here’s the taxi

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MOEKO is at the Gacha Garden February 1-28 with some more of those adorable dolls for you!

With several pastel colors to enjoy, there are commons including wearable, unrigged, resizeable jewelry and accessories to enjoy. And even an adorable rare as well. Play the machined 20 times and you will win a special prize ONLY available at the event! Catch your ride here

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Awesome Shiny New Stores!

We have exciting news for our stores – Stargazer, Morbid, & Moeko. We have moved to brand new, shiny stores that are AMAZING! To celebrate we have wonderful Black Friday sales events.

To take advantage of the new group gifts – please make sure you join our group for all three stores: Stargazer – Morbid – Moeko

In addition group members receive 5% discount on all purchases (not including gachas and weekly sales). So what are you waiting for? Hop over and join the group!

See photos and details of Black Friday events below for each store and grab our new landmarks!


Stargazer – New Location November 2020
Black Friday deals, discounts and offers for Stargazer – November 2020
MORBID Store new location – November 2020
MORBID – Black Friday Event – November 2020
MOEKO – New Location – November 2020
MOEKO – Black Friday Discounts – November 2020
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MOEKO is at GachaLand October

Another cute gacha collection by Moeko is the Nariko gacha. With 17 commons, 7 rares to enjoy these Japenese dolls are a hit for 59L/play. There is also 20 pulls special trans/mod wings with Goth and Kawaii tintable stars for you to wear.

There is even a Free Gimme Gacha group gift!

Here’s your taxi!

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Whimsical but Freaky at Swank

MOEKO has a really cute by freaky looking at that is an exclusive at This is their exclusive this month at Swank – Goth October Sales Event October 7-31.

The Monsuta Hat comes in your choice of 8 colors for 199L each or sold as fatpack. It is materials enabled, unrigged, and resizeable.

There is even a gift in Booth for Swank group members

Also in booth is the freaky cute Quintella masks in choice of 8 colors, materials enabled, unrigged, resizeable. Also sold as fatpack

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MOEKO at Swank – September

This month at Swank is Designers Choice and runs from September 7-30. At the event, Moeko has a lot of great items for us!

There is a special collaboration item with Morbid Mausoleum called Viola Corset. It is compatible with Legacy classic/perky and Maitreya Lara/petite. Available in 6 color choices for 229L each, or as a fatpack 1599L Original mesh corset for Legacy Mesh Body, Perky, Maitreya, and Lara Petite. Available in gothic colors from Morbid Mausoleum and kawaii colors from MOEKO.

Another item at her booth is the Clara Dress which comes in your choice of 8 colors for 229L and is compatible with Legacy classic and perky bodies. You can also purchase this in a fatpack for only 1499L

Another collaboration item this time with Stargazer is the sexy Maresa bodysuit for Legacy which comes in 6 colors for 190L each or fatpack for 799L

Gachas in gacha area:
Amara Legacy exclusive gacha Common dress, bikini top, skirt, blindfold, collar, in 4 possible color prizes and rares are sheer or opaque stockings. 75L/play

Jexa Gacha Maitreya and Legacy exclusives to play, Commons are dresses, headpiece, visor, left cuff, right cuffs in 5 possible colors, rares are boots and ultra rare is Glitch boots with flickering glitch. 75L/play

Sphira gacha for Legacy commons are bodysuit, legs, collar, headpiece in 4 possible colors, rares are wings, skirt, shoes. 75L/play This is a collaboration with Morbid Mausoleum

Be sure to catch this taxi and head over there for these great deals!

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MOEKO is at #StaySexy

Great things await you at #StaySexy, a new event on the grid! These discounts are to die for and MOEKO is there with some goodies as well.

Keri Cheeky Top for Legacy Classic/Perky, in choice of 8 colors for 149L each
Alice Corset for Legacy and Maitreya in choice of 5 colors for 199L each. And 1 color for only 10L!

Sachiko Gacha for Legacy Classic/Perky and Meshbody Classic 50L play. Common dress, bodysuit, boots in 6 color possibilities, and rare shoes with stockings and skirt

Mariposa gacha for Legacy Classic/perky common Top, Garter, pantires, mask in 4 possible colors, rare tutu and boots 50L play

Here’s your taxi

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MOEKO at Imaginarium in September

MOEKO has another really cute gacha collection out for us this month! The Kitsune Kokeshi are resizeable and come in 17 common colors to be won as well as 6 rares! There is also a special Seeds of Inspiration prize after playing 20 times, a Kitsune ears headband with 24 color HUD. This gacha is only 59L a play and there is even a Gimme Gacha group gift at the booth (group is free to join) Run, don’t walk to the event!


MOEKO at Imaginarium 59L play, group gift_001

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MOEKO at MainFrame – July

MOEKO at Mainframe_001MOEKO has something totally different for you this month. The freakishly pastel Quinetella Mask is an exclusive for Mainframe. It is unrigged original mesh with 8 different colors to choose from for 225L each or in a fatpack of all 8 for 1,599L that’s 25% off.  These are unrigged, original mesh and resizeable.
Also on sale at the event are the lovely Cathode Dresses which come in your choice of 6 colors with animated plasma trim. These are fitted for Legacy Classic/Perky only and can be snagged during the event at 25% off at 172L or in a fatpack for 1,249L .
Also at the event is the Jexa gacha. This comes in a size for Legacy or Maitreya and at 25% off during the event, is only 59L /play. This gacha includes dresses, visors, headpieces, cuffs, rare and ultrarare boots.

Here’s your taxi Mainframe July 20 – August 13th


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MOEKO is at Gacha Garden

These are totally adorable! Check out the newest gacha collection by Moeko!

MOEKO at Gacha Garden_001

Little Japanese dolls to collect in so many different sizes and colors, 21 commons and 3 rares! They are only 50L a play, and there is a special prize given after 20 plays, which is your very own hair to match the dolls! Also, check out the Gimme Gacha VIP Group gift at their booth. Cost to join the group is FREE.

Here’s your taxi to the event